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A change-embracing integrative law practice for continental European businesses. Multilingual and multicultural Conscious Contracts® services and training and commercial mediation.
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Israel, United States
English, French, German, Hebrew
World Wide

I specialize in designing legally enforceable, intentional conflict prevention and management systems, and mediating conflicts if they arise. I have over thirty years of legal, government and international trade and high tech experience. Focal points include the European Union/Germany, Israel, and India. My practice also has a specialization in conflict resolution for all aspects of the medical cannabis cycle, with a special concentration in alternatives to litigation. Certified Mediator under German law.

My Touchstone:

I commit to adhering to these principles in my work with my clients, and invite them to create their own touchstones as well.

Vision: I envision a world where conflicts - from the individual to the international level - are resolved through direct communication without resort to violence or coercion; where power imbalances are intrinsically corrected out of a sense of fairness and justice by those holding power towards those who hold less; where humans are instilled with the courage to prefer their natural tendency towards collaboration; and where science and truth are respected fully and equinanimously.

Mission: I strive to provide the best possible tools, assistance and guidance in my ability for prevention, management and resolution of commercial conflicts. I strive to shift paradigms from a conflict- to a change-centric orientation, stressing individual responsibility for processes alongside willingness to seek outside assistance when needed.

Values: In my mission, I treasure the following values both in myself and my clients:

Integrity - I strive for harmony between my desires, actions and words. Taking account of their backgrounds, needs and interests, I expect my clients to do the same.
Omnipartialism (h/t Ken Cloke) - I strive for outcomes that benefit all parties as well as myself, the greater society and the planet.
Curiosity - I value curiosity and continual learning in myself and others.
Value creation - Zero sum is negative sum. The pie can usually be made larger.
Service - I have spent my working life in service of others and of higher ideals. I would like my clients to view their work as service of their interests and principles as well.
Perseverance - I try to make every effort to achieve my desired outcome, even at the expense of other resources.
Humor - let’s have fun with this, but never lose sight of our own ridiculousness
Fairtrade - the environment is important to me, but not nearly as much as the well-being of those involved in the supply chain from start to finish.