Transforming Your Collaborative Practice Group: Using Conscious Contracts® to Re-Design Our Professional Communities

The paradigm shift of collaborative law is more than a new set of skills. There is an internal shift we need to make away from the old paradigm of scarcity, mistrust, and fear and towards the collaborative values of trust, integrity and self-determination.

This isn’t just a shift we make with our clients. We also need to make this shift in how we work together as a practice group. When we use an old organizational model for our practice group we are asking members to work in one world with clients and another world with each other. This course will demonstrate how the concepts of Conscious Contracts® can apply the paradigm shift on an organizational level.

Participants will learn the foundational tools of conscious contracts® and put these tools into practice as they work together to consciously design their hypothetical practice group.

The Details

Presenter: Kristen Boldt

When: Wednesdays and Fridays March 16, 18, 23, 25, from 10am – 2pm (cst)

Where: Via Zoom

Cost $495

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Kristen Boldt