The Upcoming Certification Course

15 February, 2021

At long last, we are ready to schedule the upcoming certification course. I have created a Doodle poll with a variety of days and times that work for me starting in about a month. Please visit the link and choose a date – or even better, pick several – which would work for you to START the course. The course will be 8 sessions over 8-10 weeks. Each session is 2 hours long. This is the link:

The poll should adjust to your time zone. To make sure, the first entry is 1 p.m. US Eastern time on 15 March. This link will help you check the time zone conversion:

It is always fun to have a global meeting with everyone but we’re aware that time zones may require two sections. We’ll make a decision after we see the poll results. It is my goal to accommodate everyone so we may add some other time blocks if we’re having trouble doing so.

Bring your own client! The certification requires that you work with a real live client matter. Let me know ASAP if you need help in finding clients. I will post on social media to look for clients to work with you or we can schedule a brainstorming call. I can’t guarantee results but, in the past, this has been so successful that a couple of participants ended up with two clients! If I find you a client, I ask that you work with them on a reduced fee or pro bono basis. The fee will be something you work out with the client.

How to Register: Once I get the date/time worked out, I will send out the final schedule and will post the registration link. The course will cost $395 US.

For more about the certification requirements, see

I’ve missed our meetings and look forward to being together again soon!