The Trademark and Process

The Discovering Agreement process belongs to Alalá Linda and is protected by her watchful eye.  Workbooks and training materials were created by Kim, adapted from her coaching practice.  Cutting Edge Law Enterprises, Inc. owns the Conscious Contracts® trademark and owns or is licensed to use the materials in trainings, workbooks, and articles.

The Conscious Contracts process and materials have evolved through the input of others and it seems only fair to recognize that.  Certified practitioners have access to a library of forms, materials, and graphics.  This includes your training materials and derivatives. You may use them, modify them, and share them on the condition that you indicate the following:

Copyright 2022 by the Conscious Contracts Community, Cutting Edge Law Enterprises, Inc. (a Florida, Social-Purpose Corporation)

In the spirit of community, please upload any materials you have modified to the drive to be available for other members of the community.

Protecting the Trademark

 Please always to refer to your Conscious Contracts practice offerings by using “Conscious Contracts” as an adjective that modifies a noun.   And please make sure the use the plural, not singular, term, Contracts.

The ® symbol should appear with the mark at least once on a page where the “Conscious Contracts” mark is used. It is there so that others are put on notice that it is a protected trademark (makes a difference in terms of what damages might be available down the road).

The most important rule of grammar regarding proper trademark use is that a trademark should be used as an adjective, not a noun or verb.  Using it that way also helps with the grammar – the plural “Contracts” followed by a singular noun sounds more natural. 

Using the mark as an adjective helps distinguish the mark from the generic term it modifies. A trademark is used to identify the source or brand of a product, not the product itself. Examples of proper use include: KLEENEX ®tissue; APPLE® computer; and JACUZZI® hot tub. Note that each mark (adjective) is used to modify the generic term (noun). In fact, since trademarks function as adjectives, they should always be accompanied by the correct generic name for the product or service.


Conscious Contracts® services
Conscious Contracts® model
Conscious Contracts® practice (facilitation, consultation …)

You will notice that on the certificate and buttons, we are careful to refer to “Conscious Contracts® services and facilitation” and “Certified Conscious Contracts® Practitioner.”