Sample Contracts

We’re often asked for sample contracts and we understand the need to actually see what we’re talking about. On the other hand, these are very personal and by the time we redact the personal and identifying information, there isn’t much left.   AND there have been times when we shared sample agreements only to see the same language appear in another contract, which is not the point of sharing.

Each Conscious Contracts® agreement is unique and bespoke.  Templates are troublesome in the Conscious Contracts process because it is the process of dynamic engagement that contributes to trust developing and genuine buy-in by all parties. Without this co-creative process, a contract might be more conscious, but it won’t achieve the same level of transformation our clients have seen.

With that caveat, we understand it’s far easier to comprehend once you’ve seen something different, so we’re starting to share a few examples of what the end-product contract looks like when created with the Conscious Contracts process.  

Keep in mind that the design elements also come from the clients.  They often have brand colors they want to weave into the contract.  Others prefer a well-designed black and white. 

Founders Agreement

This is an example of a tech-startup founders’ agreement. It was created in a recent class with actual clients.  The clients were generous enough to help us capture the essence without jeopardizing their confidentiality in sharing this.

Founders Agreement 2

This example was created in a recent class with actual clients, Full Bodied Sound, a NYC entertainment & events company! You can explore their instagram to see how the students worked co-creatively with the clients to integrate their authentic voices.

Sample Firm Agreement 1

This sample agreement incorporating visual design was created by students in an experiential/simulation course.

Sample Firm Agreement 2

This example created by students in an experiential/simulation course not only includes personal & organizational touchstones, but showcases legal design and an example of a comic-contract within the agreement.

Separation Agreement

Because divorce and separation are such intimate, fact-based processes, we created a sample that is NOT based on a real situation. The parties and their situation are completely fictitious and this one is only offered as an illustration of what is possible.