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A Basic Training is just that: BASIC. The CC diagram covers most of the content. Your job is to make sure they get a good overview, some practice, and a sense of what it feels like. We all have our favorite extra content but please try not to confuse them by adding anything extra to the first course.
Advanced Trainings are customized by the trainer. They may include a combination of mentoring, content, and the types of content that are included in Deep Dives.They usually last several weeks.
Deep Dives are designed to focus on one particular topic and to go in depth. Since we zoom through the basic training, this is where you can offer short courses on your innovations and additions to the basic CC model. We envision a single class or only a couple of sessions for the Deep Dives and that longer courses will be classified as Advanced.

Trainers Page

o   To be certified as a trainer
  • Must be a Certified Conscious Contracts® Practitioner
  • Present at least 2 Conscious Contracts® Agreements from real clients
  • Apprentice with a Certified Trainer
  • Co-Teach with Certified Trainers

Certification for trainers is not automatic.  Your certified trainer mentor will be asked to evaluate your work and recommend you for certification.  Either the certified trainer or the committee may recommend additional work.

You must be certified as a trainer in the Basic Training to offer Advanced Trainings.  (Certified trainers may co-present with those who are not certified, particularly in Deep Dives on extended topics.)

o   Academic Teachers are required to 

  • Be certified Conscious Contracts® Practitioner
  • Present at least 2 Conscious Contracts® Agreements from real clients
  • Apprentice within an Academic Class with a certified teacher
  • Then Co-Teach Academic Class. You may be asked to be the lead teacher of an additional class.
  • If you are already a Certified Teacher and you want to become certified as a trainer, you can go in at the Apprentice level.

Additional Information for Trainers:

All Certified Trainers are required to participate in community meetings to stay current.

Please post information about all trainings on the Conscious Contracts website.    Use this form:   and then email to alert us that you’ve filled out the form.

Please also provide a complete list of participants in your trainings to  so they can be included in community announcements.  The mailing list is the official record of all those who have been trained.

Continuing Legal Education Credit

We have often been approved for MCLE/CLE/CPD.  Trainers are encouraged to apply and to notify the training community of any approvals which we might be able to use as support for applications in other places.


Trainers are asked to have their participants fill out this evaluation form on Google Forms or print and submit to

Non-English-speaking trainers:

We rely on our international trainers to maintain the quality and integrity of the Conscious Contracts Certification process.

The Conscious Contracts website has space for identifying language/locations but we will need the help of the certified trainers to adequately post the profile and other information on the international website.

If you are a certified trainer leading programs in a language other than English, please notify us and convene a committee of other certified practitioners to collaborate on certification in your language.  Work together to evaluate each request. Then, notify of your decision to recommend certification.  Use this form:

Recommendation for Certification by Trainers in Languages Other Than English

The following practitioners have completed the requirement for certification in the Conscious Contracts model. I recommend they be certified in the practice of the Conscious Contracts model. They have completed the process of negotiating and drafting contracts with clients, using the model and they sufficiently demonstrate understanding of the mindset shift and mechanics of the process.
Signature & Name

Please list the names, email addresses, and languages of the practitioners below.

Name             Email Address                            Languages