The Conscious Contracts® Refresher Course

For those who took an earlier version of our training or are curious and want to learn more!

Did you take one of our early courses? The first Conscious Contracts training was over a decade ago and the certification program didn’t gain steam until last year. This Short Course is a refresher for those whose basic skills may be rusty.  It is offered just a few days before the next certification course to get you up to speed and ready to jump right into the next level!
We’ve also been asked to do special trainings for people who are curious about the model but don’t plan to actually practice or consult in the area.  Maybe you are an allied professional or a coach who would be served by knowing more about the theory and mechanics of the Conscious Contracts model.  This is your opportunity!  We have never done this before!
Offered in two time slots to accommodate people all over the world, the course is affordable, interactive, and fun.  It is a thorough review, three hours, and only $99!  Choose the time that works for you below, click and register.


To find the time in your time zone, please visit:

This short course does not replace the Basic Introduction and does not count toward the 12 hours of basic training required for certification.

January 7 at 11:30 a.m. US Eastern


January 7 at 9:00 p.m. US Eastern