The Certification Course

Certification courses are generally offered once a year.  Private certification mentorship is also available.  Email to express interest or for more information.

Faculty: Kim Wright and Linda Alvarez will be mentoring and coaching.  We’ll also have guest appearances from other certified practitioners who will share specific tools, skills, and cool modalities that they’re using with the CC process.  The class is designed for everyone to attend every session.  If you are unable to attend, please let us know and we will record  it so you can keep up. 

Bring your own client! The certification requires that you work on a client matter.  We greatly prefer that you work with two people in a contract setting so you can fully appreciate the tools of bringing people together into a shared vision and ACED.  If you find a client in your own jurisdiction, you can act as a lawyer.  If not, you’ll act as a consultant and we’ll seek out a locally licensed lawyer to review the final product. *See Frequently Asked Questions below for more info.

Let Kim know ASAP if you need help in finding clients. We have already been posting on social media to look for clients and have a few interested parties. We can also schedule a brainstorming call with you to help you find someone perfect for you.  If we find a client for you to work with, we request that you work with them on a  pro bono or greatly reduced fee basis. The fee will be something you work out with the client.  (If you find the client, you can charge them your regular rate!)  If you have more than one client prospect, consider sharing one with the community so we can match everyone.

The course costs $495.  

For more about the certification requirements, see

Frequently Asked Questions

There have been many questions about the certification course and I’m going to attempt to answer them here. 


“Bring Your Own Clients”:

We have more questions about clients than anything else so I hope to provide some clarity.

Certification in the Conscious Contracts model requires you to work with a real life scenario!  That means that you have 2 or more people who are trying to make an agreement.  You take them through the touchstone and ACED process so it is not just a simulation. 

Templates and web-based contracts are generally not appropriate for the certification course. The course is designed so you can experience counseling clients through the formation process.  So you can work on a template only if your client has a potential or existing client with whom they can work it through for this course.

There is magic in the process and we want you to experience it!



Let your clients know that you are in a course and will be discussing the process and get clear about whether you can share their document with the instructors or members of the class.  Work out what you can share and what you can’t.  At a minimum, we need to see the touchstone and ACED to certify.


Language other than English:

Your contracts can be in your language but you’ll need to talk them through with us for certification-purposes.


Fee or Pro Bono Clients?

If you can’t find your own client, you can ask Kim or other members of the community for help in finding one.  If we can find a client for you, it is likely to be a pro bono case. We have a limited number of them and high demand, so we prefer you find your own. (It is good practice!)  You can charge a fee to the clients you find. 

In the coaching community, one way this is handled is that coaches-in-training reach out to their community and offer a reduced fee service.  People like bargains and often jump on the opportunity.  Remember, what you’re offering is life-changing and valuable! It isn’t just a form folks can download. 

Some participants in the certification class have indicated they might want to also be clients, perhaps in the other class session?  If you want to play that dual role OR you have an extra client to share with this group, let us know!


Legal Consultants vs. Legal Representation

Many of us serve as legal consultants when clients ask for our services in jurisdictions where we are not licensed. In such cases, we have clients take their final documents to a locally licensed lawyer (maybe someone in our network) to check the legal requirements. (Kim always has a conversation with the lawyer at the beginning of the process so we can be clear about expectations.) Getting clear on your role is an important part of the engagement process. We’ll actually talk about his role differentiation in our first session. 



Please send the information you need to have included in your invoice and Kim will prepare and send it to you.  Information will probably include your tax ID#, physical address, etc.   She’ll send them at the beginning of the class, in a batch with all the others who need invoices.


If you don’t finish in 8 weeks:

Clients don’t attend the class with you and may not be on our timeline. You don’t have to finish their contract in the 8 weeks.  It is not uncommon for the process to take a few more weeks, especially in COVID times. You do have to finish it and have it approved by Kim or Linda to be certified.