Certification in Conscious Contracts(R)

Conscious Contracts is a registered trademark for a process of contract formation. It is consistent with many of the best practices of modern contracts like plain language, design thinking, visuals, but has distinctive elements of its own:

  • The Touchstone helps create the true meeting of the minds among the parties and makes sure there is alignment of purpose and values.
  • The Addressing Change & Engaging Disagreement (ACED Clause) allows the parties to design a sustainable culture including how they will communicate, manage change, engage disagreements and maintain a more conscious culture.  

Used on every continent, this model helps to build trust and certainty in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.  Practitioners are often trained in nonviolent communication, restorative justice, collaborative practice, mediation, and other skills that expand their toolkit and capacity to practice in a new paradigm approach. Most participants are lawyers but we have also trained coaches, consultants, mediators, and entrepreneurs.

It is also a catchy name which others have attempted to use for other purposes and models.  It is for that reason that we trademarked the term.

We’ve initiated a certification program which leads to a license to use the name and brand.  It includes training, a reading list, and mentorship. Certification is more than completing a checklist, it is about having the mindset for a collaborative, creative, and conscious approach to contracts, practice and experience in the model, and participation in a community of practitioners. 

To become eligible for certification, one must have completed a full introductory training by one of the certified trainers and to have read Linda’s book.  (A full training is at least 8 hours.) See the training schedule on the site to begin the journey.

Then, for those who have completed the first training, please send an email to info@consciouscontracts.com stating your intentions. Let us know if you want one-on-one or group mentoring.

If you are seeking one-on-one mentoring, you will make arrangements with one of the certified practitioners to support you through working with clients from the beginning of the process to a completed document.  (It could be more than one contract, based on circumstances.) The charge for that varies, depending on the mentor.

In 2020, we experimented with our first online group certification program and were pleased with the results. Each participant works with a specific client and is supported through both the mindset shift and the mechanics of the process. We discovered that the group process provides a whole community of mentors! The value of the community was so rich, the Advanced CC course decided to continue meeting monthly.

Your mentor or class leader may recommend that you have additional training such as a restorative practices training offered by Dominic Barter or a training in mediation, nonviolent communication, or another relevant skill area.  

When the mentor is satisfied that you have met the requirements and are able to provide high quality services, you will be notified of your certification, granted a license to use the Conscious Contracts name and provided with a badge for your website and other materials. We’ll list you on the website as a certified practitioner as long as you stay in good standing.  

Certified practitioners may also wish to become trainers.  Trainers must first be certified in the practice of Conscious Contracts, serve as assistant teachers or co-teach with a certified trainer.