Evolving Contracts for Evolving Business Consciousness

There is a global movement in business that is called by many names.  Conscious business, social entrepreneurship, benefit (“B”) corporations, teal organizations, and even the trade name, “Conscious Capitalism” are on a spectrum that recognizes that businesses can be responsible, that they can create benefits for people, planet, and profit.  The movement of “impact investors” […]

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Beyond Boilerplate

Workable Legal Documents I was contacted by a friend last year. She and her business partner were considering a drastic change in their relationship and they wanted my help.  I asked her if they already had an agreement that defined their relationship and responsibilities.  She sheepishly paused before admitting that two years earlier another Overland

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Conscious Contracts for Conscious Business

Conscious Business “Conscious Business” is a phrase used to identify companies that operate according to the fundamental principle that business can be a force for positive change in the world.  These companies believe (and have demonstrated) that creating value for all stakeholders–customers, employees, society, the environment, and future generations–brings greater success than putting primary focus solely

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