Begin the Year With Clarity: Collaborative Practice Starts with You

“Creating Your Personal Guiding Touchstone” A Conscious Contracts® Basics Training

Dates: January 10-31, 2022, Mondays & Thursdays (7 Sessions)

Timing: (California) 9-11AM  US PST; (New York) 12-2PM US EST; (Madrid) 6-8PM CEST time

Global Access: All meetings will take place online via Zoom, click here to find your local time.

Carmen Aja Ruiz

Carmen Aja Ruiz

Jacqueline Horani

Jacqueline Horani

Kristen Boldt

Kristen Boldt

The paradigm shift of collaborative law is more than a new set of skills. There is an internal shift we need to make away from the old paradigm of scarcity, mistrust, and fear. Collaborative practice is based on integrity and client self determination. With the process of Conscious Contracts®, we learn how to shift our way of thinking to come from and negotiate a foundation of trust and understanding as we help our clients create meaningful agreements that empower them to move forward along their chosen path. 


Although this is the first workshop in our 4-part series for collaborative law practitioners, this basics training is open to ANYONE, whether you are a lawyer, entrepreneur, social worker, psychologist, etc., who wants to dive deeper into your own work and start off the new year with a clear vision of your own Personal Touchstone & Operating Agreement of Me statement. 
We have expanded this training as there is greater demand for the Conscious Contracts process, both within and outside the legal community. We decided to pilot a larger course group, allowing us to reduce the program fee, in our efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Conscious Contracts community!

Course Description

In this January New Year Training, you will create your own Personal Touchstone and Operating Agreement of Me (the pre-step to the ACED collaborative conversation). When we have done the work to identify who we are and how we work best with others, we are better prepared to help our clients do the same. We will have up to four Conscious Contracts® Practitioners to help hold the space, allowing us to engage in meaningful breakout sessions throughout the course, and for you to dive deeper and connect with your inner truth and others’. 

As we go through the process of creating our Personal Touchstones & Operating Agreements of Me, you’ll have the chance to share them with each other to get insight and ideas. We’ll select 3-5 to do a live review during the course, giving you even more insight and feedback for how to craft a meaningful document within the Conscious Contracts® process. 

This Introductory month-long workshop has space for up to 100 participants.

This is the first of 4 programs in this series for collaborative professionals being offered in 2022:

Go from an introduction to the Conscious Contracts® process to Advanced Certification.

Part 1: Begin the Year With Clarity: Collaborative Practice Starts with You (January)

“Creating Your Personal Guiding Touchstone” A Conscious Contracts® Basics Training

Part 2: Using Conscious Contracts® within your team: Collaborative Cases (Feb/March)

“Participation Agreement” A Conscious Contracts® Intermediate Training

Part 3: Putting Conscious Contracts® into Practice: Facilitating Conscious Client Stipulation Agreements (April/June)

“Stipulations Agreement” A Conscious Contracts(R) Advanced Training

Part 4: Transforming Your Collaborative Practice Group: Using Conscious Contracts® to Re-Design Our Professional Communities (October)

“Transformative Practice Groups” A Conscious Contracts® Advanced Workshop

Payment & Pricing

Full Rate Registration $250 (~$36/session)
Minimum Registration $75 (~$11/session)

We do have scholarship seats available: If the minimum ticket price is still too high for you please email to apply.

We invite you to reflect on your contribution to this course, we trust you to pay at the level that feels right to you, whether that’s $250, $200, $150, $100, $75, or anything else in between our scale rates. We want to help you go on this journey with us.

Those who are able to register at the full ticket price help to subsidize scholarship and reduced fee tickets. Thank you! 

*Please make sure to include a note with your name and email address on the payment links so we can confirm your registration!

For those who want a deeper dive into this work: 
You can choose to add on a 1 hour one-on-one coaching session with one of our teaching practitioners to help you hone your touchstone for an additional fee of $150 full rate, scaled down to $50. As with the course registration fee, we invite you to choose the amount within our scale that feels right to you.

**If you are adding on for a coaching session please let us know when you pay to register, what price you would like us to allocate to your registration and what price to the coaching session.

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