Intro to Conscious Contracts® Training

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March 25th & 26th, 2022

Friday 2:00-5:00PM Saturday Noon-5:30PM EST

Join us for this 2-day Training to get introduced to the basics of the Conscious Contracts® model!

Conscious Contracts® is a registered trademark for a process of contract formation. It is consistent with many of the best practices of modern contracts like plain language, design thinking, visuals, but has distinctive elements of its own:

  • The Touchstone helps create the true meeting of the minds among the parties and makes sure there is alignment of purpose and values.
  • The Addressing Change & Engaging Disagreement (ACED Clause) allows the parties to design a sustainable culture including how they will communicate, manage change, engage disagreements and maintain a more conscious culture.  

Used on every continent, this model helps to build trust and certainty in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.  Practitioners are often trained in nonviolent communication, restorative justice, collaborative practice, mediation, and other skills that expand their toolkit and capacity to practice in a new paradigm approach. Most participants are lawyers but we have also trained and welcome coaches, consultants, mediators, and entrepreneurs.  The model is also useful in designing meaningful agreements for organizations and groups working on long-term projects.

Format: Zoom live workshop
Price: $750 per participant (sliding fee scale & scholarship info below),
Organizational discount of $150 per person* when 2 or more people register at full price.

*discount will be processed as a refund after registration is confirmed

Schedule: Friday March 25th 2:00-5:00PM, Saturday March 26th Noon-5:30PM

Teaching the March, 2022 training are:

J. Kim Wright

Kim Wright began to explore innovative ways of drafting contracts early in her career as lawyer in the USA. In 2010, she met Alalá Linda (formerly known as Linda Alvarez) and the Conscious Contracts® process was born. Kim and Alalá have continued to collaborate and refine the process which Alalá wrote about in her book, Discovering Agreement.  

In the last decade,  Kim has trained lawyers and entrepreneurs on six continents.  When the pandemic curtailed her travel, she moved the work online. In the last two years, she has designed, taught, and co-taught a law school clinic at Quinnipiac University School of Law and several Basics and Certification Courses.

Kim majored in Business Management and International Studies at Warren Wilson College and has been a business owner for more than 40 years. She is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Law where she won a top award for Legal Drafting. 

Jacqueline Horani
Jacqueline Horani

Jacqueline Horani has quickly become a leading Conscious Contracts(R) practitioner and trainer, teaching and working with lawyers, entrepreneurs, and law students across 10 countries.  

A US attorney, global contracts and business consultant, and affiliated law faculty at Quinnipiac University School of Law, she currently leads the negotiations legal clinic there, helping to teach the Conscious Contracts® process to law school students.

Licensed to practice law in New York & Nebraska, she is an advocated of plain language law and legal design as a means to liberate our contracts. She speaks and writes on Access-to-Justice, Contracts Law, Global Economic Equity, Challenging Hierarchies of Expertise, and Transforming the Way We Work. 

More Details:

Email with questions. 
Time Commitment

This is an experiential course. While it is possible to record calls, we ask that you plan to attend the entire 2-day program live virtually.

Recommended Reading

Discovering Agreement: Contracts that Turn Conflict Into Creativity

CLE/CPD Credit

Our participants are from around the world and represent different professions as well as jurisdictions. It is not practical to apply for continuing education credits is so many different circumstances. However, many jurisdictions are self-reporting or will allow you to apply for credit from a course offered outside your local area. We are happy to provide you with outlines, materials, credentials, and agendas to help you get credit from your local accreditation board.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received more than 2 weeks before the class commences will be given a full refund.  We will refund 50% if cancelling at least 1 week before the class commences. After that refunds will not be issued. 


This program is also presented by:

Cutting Edge Law Enterprises, Inc. A Florida social purpose organization.

Legally Unconventional Horani Law, PLLC, A New York Law Firm Think Tank

Sliding Scale, Payment Plans, & Scholarships:

We believe in Access to Justice.

Therefore we are offering a sliding fee scale, payment plans, and scholarship seats to make it accessible to join this course:

Consider paying the full price of $750 if you and your family have several of the following:

  • the ability to comfortably meet all of your basic needs.
  • investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money.
  • regular access to healthcare and health insurance.
  • providers who are employed or do not need to work to meet the family’s needs.
  • ownership of your home and a vehicle.
  • the resources to take an annual vacation or time off from work.
For those who want to register, but can’t afford the full payment upfront, you can register on a 3 month payment plan ($250/month) below:
If the above considerations don’t apply and the financial commitment would be a hardship, we invite you to pay $200 or more to join us. We trust you to know your own personal situation.
We invite you to apply for a scholarship if you and your family have several of the following:
  • difficulty covering basic expenses (water, food, shelter, etc.)
  • significant debt that prevents basic needs from being met.
  • medical care, bills or expenses not covered by insurance.
  • unstable housing or limited access to reliable transportation.
  • a provider who is unemployed or under-employed.
  • a responsibility to financially care for your parents or siblings,
  • eligibility for public assistance including food stamps, health care or subsidized school lunches.
  • avoid taking a vacation or time off due to the financial burden.

We adapted this policy from the sliding scale policy of the Global Environments Network. (They adapted it from others, as shown at the bottom of their page.)

Email to apply for a scholarship.