About the Conscious Contracts Model

The Conscious Contracts® model is a  process for creating sustainable, relational and values-based agreements. This process provides a framework for authentic communication, connection, clarity, and relationship design.  It builds on best practices of modern contracts like plain language, design thinking, and using visuals. It is also influenced by restorative justice, collaboration, and conscious business practices

Contracts don't belong to lawyers
They belong to the parties for their shared purpose.
Let's write them this way!
Imagine Negotiating from Trust, not Fear
What could you accomplish?
Discover what's possible.
ESG, Social Good, Business with a Purpose...
Are your contracts aligned with what you're trying to do in the world?
Let's fix that.
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A key principle is that contracts do not belong to the lawyers or the court. They are living documents which reflect the parties’ desires to come together for a shared purpose. Participants in the process find that they are inspired and even have fun creating their agreements.  They discover a new level of trust and empowerment – or they quickly realize that alignment is not possible and part as friends.

The Conscious Contracts®  process can be used to create many types of contracts where a good relationship is important to the fulfillment of the agreement. They can be especially useful between co-founders, impact investors, companies and vendors, landlords and tenants, publishers and authors, employee-employer, or even for intra-family agreements.