Linda Alvarez



Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision – Linda envisions a world where the power of love has replaced the love of power.   This vision includes a legal system that inspires and supports sustainable, beneficial, re-generative behaviours, relationships and enterprises – a system that allows individuals, organizations and communities to conduct all their legal affairs in alignment with their values, their principles and their vision for a better world.

Mission – Linda’s mission is to support clients in conducting their legal affairs in alignment with their values, their principles and their vision for a better world, and to stimulate and sustain positive relationships and enterprises, with positive results and proceeds – for her clients, for the local and global communities, and for future generations.

Values – In service of her Vision and Mission, Linda chooses to practice law in accordance with the following principles:

  • winning does not require a loser;
  • addressing conflict and crisis need not involve coercion or manipulation;
  • safety must be mutual or it is not real safety (“safety” = having sufficient predictability so that your expectations are reasonably assured so you can plan and venture with well-founded confidence that you retain the power to take a meaningful role in responding to changing circumstances and will have an equal voice and be treated fairly should conflict arise);
  • finding ways to join forces with others and design sustainable, beneficial and enjoyable relationships and enterprises is wiser and more productive than approaching deal-making as opposing forces or paranoid bullies trying to win advantage one over the other.

Linda values honesty, reliability, excellence, responsiveness, kindness and enjoyment. She believes that integrity (consciously aligning one’s actions with one’s deeply held values) is the cornerstone of any worthwhile endeavor. When it comes to both personal and professional behaviour, she believes the best guide is the Golden Rule.