Amanda Lamond


Amanda Boardman



These are my cornerstone values:

Vision: My vision is to move law from being a floor or the lowest common denominator (“we have to have this contract”) to being a ceiling – the highest possible vision that parties can hold for their relationship with one another. I believe in humanizing legal documents and resolving conflicts mindfully.

Initiative: I am pro-active and take the lead to make things happen.

Integrity: I have strong moral standards and will be true to myself and my principles in all decisions I make. I live an integrated life which means the work I do is deeply connected to who I am as a person. I don’t consider it to be a “job”.

Intuition: I’m learning to be guided by more than my cognitive ability! I listen to my heart and my gut. Sometimes I “know” things before I can explain why or how I know them.

My commitment to my clients:

1. I will listen fully to your story.
2. I will research and develop creative solutions that best serve your interests so that you can make a fully informed decision about how to proceed.
3. I will maintain comprehensive knowledge of the laws that apply to your legal situation.
4. I will endeavour to help you/ your organisation to turn this challenging legal situation into an opportunity for real personal/ organisational growth.
5. I will work with you, as a co-creator of the process, rather than for you.
6. I will agree with you upfront on the way our project is going to be billed. Together we will reach agreement so you feel you have received good value and I feel fairly remunerated for my time and energy. I remain open to renegotiating if circumstances or the scope of the project change.
7. I may challenge you to stretch beyond your perceived limitations.

What I ask from my clients:

1. To make yourself available at the agreed times so that the project moves forward smoothly.
2. To provide me with any information required for the project as well as the remuneration agreed upon, on the appropriate dates.
3. To be willing to be a co-creator in the process so we can relate as equals.
4. To raise any questions you may have as soon as they arise, to avoid disputes once work is already done. This means being courageous enough to raise any issues you may have over the scope of the project or the billing agreement or the methodology.