integrityWe are an alliance of integrative lawyers with a passion for integrity, purpose and joy in business, law and life.

We believe that legal documents should reflect your integrity by aligning with your purpose, mission, vision and values.

We support power with others, not power over others.

We believe that no one should lose a contract negotiation, that everyone can win.

We create sustainable documents that enhance relationships with clarity of both content and context.

Due to demand in many jurisdictions, we’ve recently initiated a certification program which includes training, a reading list, and mentorship. Several new members are currently engaged in becoming certified.

To be certified, one must have completed a training by one of the certified trainers  and to have read Linda’s book.  Then, please send an email to info@consciouscontracts.com stating your intentions.  We will review the email as a group.  If the application is accepted, the potentially certified person must be mentored through at least one complete contract. (It could be more, based on circumstances.)   Additional training may be recommended.  We are developing advanced trainings in both Europe and the US.  On an individual basis, the mentor may also recommend training such as a restorative practices training offered by Dominic Barter or a training in mediation, nonviolent communication, or another relevant skill area.
When the mentor is satisfied that you have met the requirements and are able to provide high quality services, you may apply for certification from the other certified conscious contracts team members.  Certified practitioners may also wish to become trainers.  Trainers must first be certified in the practice of Conscious Contracts.



Linda Alvarez

Linda Alvarez’s work as an attorney and as a business consultant transforms the way contract negotiation, drafting, and enforcement impact business relationships. Linda facilitates a wide range of transactions and relationships, enabling the parties to design worthwhile, sustainable and enjoyable transactions and relationships, conduct their business and legal affairs with integrity, and establish reliable frameworks for addressing conflict productively.  More …

J Kim Wright is an American lawyer, author, independent scholar and servant leader on a global tour to inspire transformation in law.  More …

Glenn Meier’s practice is devoted to helping his clients design, build, maintain, and restore their important business relationships.  More…

US Lawyers Trained and Pending Certification:

Philip Daunt

John Montgomery

Steve Potts

Hass Sadeghi

Kristin Scheel

Non-Lawyer Pending Certification:

Tamarin Lindenberg

Certified in South Africa & the United Kingdom:

Amanda Lamond is the Creator of Centre for Integrative Law in South Africa. Why? Because I am passionate about and inspired by emergent thinking in integrative ways to practise and teach law.  More …

Rhiannon Thomas is originally from Cape Town.  She is a lawyer, mediator and values consultant who founded Milkwood Law in 2012. More

Certified in Europe:

Digna de Bruin is a Dutch attorney, pioneer, coach and yoga teacher. She teaches young lawyers and works from the heart.   More …

Pending Certification:

Stijn Damminga

Monika Meysmans


Lawyers Trained and Pending Certification in Australia:

Helen MacGowan

Matt Grogan