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As you can tell from reading our bios, we’re not thinking small.

We’re all leaders in the integrative law movement.  We’re multi-dimensional and multi-talented, just like our clients. Here is some of what we’re up to.

Discovering Agreement

Originally published in the USA by the American Bar Association, is now international!  It is being translated into Spanish.





By J. Kim Wright for Enlivening Edge MagazineWhen I first read Reinventing Organizations, I was so excited that I contacted Frederic Laloux and went to his home in Belgium to meet him (and his wonderful family). For more than two decades, I have been engaged in a movement in law that parallels the organizational transformations Frederic has written about. For nine years, I have been traveling the world as a nomad, seeking out the lawyers who are practicing in a new consciousness, who are inventing new models and courageously stepping outside the traditional adversarial models.  Continue the article…

Forrest Webb

An emerging and evolutionary approach to law practice and the legal system

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