Glenn Meier


Glenn Meier is a Shareholder with the Nevada law firm, Holley, Driggs, Walch.  Glenn’s practice is devoted to helping his clients design, build, maintain, and restore their important business relationships.  In doing this work, Glenn blends legal analytical skills with a strong dose of emotional intelligence, and a coaching approach to working with his clients to deliver relationships that are not only legally sound but based shared values with tools to engage disruptions creatively and productively.


Glenn’s Vision, Mission, and Values:

Vision: A world where people work together powerfully and purposefully and powerfully to generate a positive impact in the world. The legal system in this world transcends beyond a system that merely compels us to adhere to minimum standards of behavior; it presents people with tools and safe environments to build strong relationships; heal damaged ones; and, when necessary, peacefully end them.

Mission: Glenn’s Mission is to help his clients harness the incredible power of their businesses to positively impact the lives of everyone touched by their business by blending the left brain world of legal analysis with the right brain world of emotional intelligence and a deep understanding of human interaction.


  1. The most profound exercise of freedom is choosing to act in service of others.
  1. Life is a team sport; we are at our best when we work together for mutual benefit.
  2. Just because something is feasible and legal doesn’t make it the right thing to do.
  3. Change is mandatory; improvement is optional and only comes through pursuit of lifelong learning and growth.
  4. All other things being equal choose the option that is the most fun for everyone.