Conscious Contracts® training – USA

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October 11-12, 2016 — Las Vegas, NV

J. Kim Wright | Glenn Meier | Linda Alvarez
12.50 Hours CLE 

Extend your Columbus Day holiday!

Join us in Las Vegas for this two-day, hands-on practicum.

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Today’s innovative business leaders want to make sure their companies do well, and do good for everyone they touch. These conscious business leaders often see a big disconnect between maintaining strong relationships with their stakeholders and the tools the legal system gives them to resolve disputes. Conscious Contracts are about closing that disconnect.  – Glenn Meier

Imagine a contract that:

  • Stimulates and supports rapid return to alignment and productivity
    in the face of unexpected change,
  • Inspires side-by-side problem-solving rather than adversarial
    confrontation when parties disagree,
  • Learns with the business as it navigates the ever-changing,
    digital-speed, modern marketplace.

Conscious Contracts take an entirely new approach to negotiating and drafting contracts, allowing the parties to express their shared vision, mission and values, and giving the parties a completely new framework for handling disputes, one that allows them to stay aligned with those core principles. These contracts are not weapons to be deployed in a legal battle, they are tools that create space for the parties to come out of conflict together, stronger than before.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the core principles that connect you to your stakeholders;
  • Use those principles as a lighthouse that can guide you through disruptive events;
  • Transform events of conflict from challenges that threaten to destroy relationships to opportunities to build and strengthen them;
  • Align your interactions with others, and with the legal system, to your most important values and principles. Lawyers, learn how to deliver these innovative tools to your clients and bring them value in new and expansive ways.

This training is for lawyers and non-lawyers alike!

Learn how business people and their lawyers can work together to make the legal system an ally (rather than an obstacle) in the quest to do well by doing good.

LAWYERS (12.50 CLE – CA State Bar)

  • Take your work beyond the fine print, expand your role as an advisor.
  • Practice creating powerful contractual relationships that help parties sustain alignment with their values and principles, and also support productivity, agility, and integrity for businesses in today’s relentlessly disruptive marketplace.
  • Gain the tools to foster deeper connections between you and your clients, and between your clients and the other party.
  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate the work you do for your clients with the things that your clients hold sacred in the world–while remaining an powerful and effective advocate.


  • Learn how to take the driver’s seat in deal-making and in the way your business relationships meet and resolve challenges.
  • Discover how your contracts can become vital tools for effective problem-solving and real-time response to crisis – enabling you to quickly resolve rising tensions and harness the creativity inherent in every disruption or conflict.
  • Make the most of your lawyer’s skill and knowledge, forging a powerful partnership without sacrificing your own power or the ability to implement common-sense solutions in response to disruptive events.

Early bird discounts:

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by August 31, 2016 – $795

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after September 15, 2016 – $1195

Attendees receive a free copy of 

Contracts That Turn Conflict Into Creativity

(American Bar Assoc. Flagship Book) – a $50.00 value! 

North America Training: Full Details (downloadable brochure / schedule & agenda)

North America Training: Oct. 11-12, 2016 Register (Eventbrite)